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Our Quest
Friday, 19 October 2007 02:10

How it started in 2007

When we started Klinkt Beter back in 2007 we had to make a choice: stereo, surround or both.

For surround, there were so many choices: BluRay vs HD-DVD, emerging 5.1 and 7.1 lossless formats vs proven Dolby Digital and DTS formats. All existing Dolby and DTS processors were suddenly obsolete and had to be replaced by models with HDMI inputs. Too many HDMI revisions - notably 1.3 for bitstream audio and 1.4 for 3D - made your surround investment again obsolete, so we only specialized in stereo equipment at the time. Even though we are both audiophile and cinephile, we had to make choices: stereo was our first priority.

So we wrote back in 2007 "To be honest given all this choice, I still can't see the forest through the trees :". At the time, Klinkt Beter concentrated on stereo equipment with brands such as Hexateq, Tentlabs, Hyperion, ... even though we are also movie fans.

So we believed in 2007, that if you really look closely at least there's once big certainty:

Stereo is here to stay !

In various occasions we were surprised how much fine ambience is present in some stereo recordings. 3 years ago I owned a really big home cinema with all 7.1 bell and whistles and a 2m30 wide projection screen. When listening to Banco De Gaia - Igizeh we were wondering if we didn't accidently activated our surround speakers as we heard ambiance at exactly 90 degrees left and right, as if the sound surrounded us completely but with only two speakers. No we didn't cheat even though we were still staring at our surround speakers thinking 'what the ....'

Less is more

So over the past years we fine tuned our stereo performance to such level that we now want to share it with anyone who enjoys real stereo. When we play Preisner's Music we really believe we're in an underground chapel featuring the finest acoustics.

In our "less is more" approach we support real stereo:


We support real stereo


On our road towards our quest you will find honest audio products which give the best price/quality ratio in their price class, typically unseen at the competition. As we want to fully support the selected products we carry, these products are really the ones that we use day by day.

And yes, in 2011, stereo is still big, but CD is being replaced by network servers such as Olive Media or computers with high-end USB dac's such as Antelope Audio and Tentlabs B-DAC playing the lossless version of the original CD.

But .... surround has also changed since 2007!

Over the past years, Klinkt Beter has become the biggest Velodyne reseller in Belgium. Even better, surround equipment is finally future proof. Take a brand like NAD Master or the classic line, both with MDC modules, and your surround investment will be safe, independent future formats or HDMI/display revisisions. So we decided to invest in a future proof cinema setup as the base for all our Velodyne demo's.

Our latest cinema with a 65" Panasonic does 3D and 7.1 lossless, but we still prefer the good old 2D.

So we can finally state, that for surround, we are also seeing the forrest through the trees !

We now see the complete picture, both for stereo and surround!


Best regards,


Frederic Vanden Poel

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