The MINI is back!
Thursday, 14 April 2016 01:20

The 432 MINI is back! Discover it on our open door days 23+24 april. Connect it directly to active USB speakers, a DAC, amp with USB input ....

We have decided to bring back the 432 MINI. The mini is a compact ripper/nas/music server with live 432 Hz playback, or bitperfect output.

1 TB storage good for up to 3.000 CD's, and a very compact form factor. It can be connected directly to active USB speakers, such as offerings from Klipsch, Aktimate, KEF and many more. You can also use it with USB DAC's or amps with USB input. The mini is introduced at 900 € and contains a light version of our 432 Hz plugin.

While the MINI cannot be upgraded to the 432 EVO BASIC/ESSENCE/HIGH-END, it can always be repurposed as a zone2 player, when buying one of our high-end servers. You will then have two zones with 432 Hz playback!

Last Updated on Thursday, 14 April 2016 01:57