Amphion Krypton3
Wednesday, 13 April 2016 22:40

The Amphion Krypton3 is a very special speaker. It is the speaker on which the 432 EVO music server is further developed and a true reference class music instrument. The Kryptons are Amphion flagships, and build to order.

It can play fullrange at almost silent volumes, so you can have a conversation while still hearing details in the bassline, and it can play party loud .... without changing the sound signature. Most speakers will sound differently when boosting the volume. The kryptons just scale without changing the sound signature, which is unique.

The secret of the Kryptons is the cardiod system, which cancels reflections to the sides:

Here's more info about the cardiod system:

The cardiod system allows you to hear the speakers with less reflections than usual speakers, even in most modern interiors with almost no dampening or placement close to walls/windows:

The power handling of the Kryptons is spectacular: 300 Watts, 89dB sensitivity and a 4 Ohm load. They can easily handle amps which deliver 600 Watts into 4 Ohms, like the Vitus RI100. We played the Kryptons very loud, and our ears stopped before the Kryptons would .... . They will already shine with a more modest 2x 100 Watt amp (power rated at 8 Ohms). More power is required when playing at neighbor annoying sound pressure levels, but probably the biggest advantage is that they can play fullrange at very  modest sound pressure levels, so late night listening without annoying the neighbors is also a feature of the Kryptons.

Bass extends down to 22 Hz, while the mid-high is extremely open, without exaggerating the width or depth of instruments. They project the correct size of instruments and project the recorded soundstage into the listening room.

After setting up the above system, we received this email:

After listening to my new set for a week, this is what I think of it. I don’t know which part counts for what, but it’s a match made in heaven.

The system offer some of the most beautiful, smooth, and expressive sound I have had the pleasure of hearing, they are so engaging and articulate, so completely expressive and fluent, they almost burst with life.

On track after track, I was both impressed (and seduced) by the smoothness, the purity, the effortlessness, the deep bass extension and the stability of the sound. From bass to treble, from low level to high level dynamics, it was as though the sonic tapestry were out from a single cloth. Instrument fundamentals from piano, violin, guitar, and especially the human voice, are rendered so realistically that they seem to conjure a living, breathing quality.

Another thing that the set does very well is to set up a cavernous soundstage, albeit with the locations of instruments still clearly perceived without exaggeration or etch. On the album “Coming Home” from Bas Bulteel (Belgium), it presents the trio of Bas Bulteel on piano, Bruno Castellucci on drums, and Bart De Nolf on bass with a remarkable presence and sense of space. The tautness of Bart De Nolf’s bass is beautiful delineated, a real thud on the deepest notes, not to mention a warm, deep, and rich sound to the piano, particularly in the bass area, where it resounds thunderingly.

It’s a versatile system that doesn’t discriminate between musical genres. It’s just as happy reproducing the finesse of an intimate jazz setting, as playing house music.

The system does not have an easily identifiable dominant sonic character such as “lively”, “warm”, “aggressive” or “silky,” nor does it have an apparent bottom-up or top-down tonal balance. Rather, it seems to simply convey the content of the recordings it is tasked to play back, without adding apparent character of its own.

I had perhaps not realized that music reproduced in the home could be quite like this.

I would like to thank Bernard of Knooppunt Audio and Frederic of Klinkt Beter for their expertise in the high-end consumer/professional electronics market, their people-oriented attitude, and their understanding of the Amphion and Densen philosophy and positioning.

My set: Amphion Krypton 3 speakers, Klinkt Beter 432 EVO Music Server, Densen B-350 Mono Power Amplifiers, Densen DenDac 50 , Densen DP-06 Phonomodule, Project RPM 9 turntable with Ortofon Element.

More info:

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